Red Wine Principality of Orange Le Triporteur

The Triporteur is a humoristic movie made in 1957 by Jacques Pinoteau. This film revealed Darry Cowl, a comic, in a role of a candid man who rides his tricycle to Nice to attend the final of the French Football Cup to support his village. As the film, this wine invites you to a “French” […]

IGP Méditerranée Aroma Syrah red

Our IGP Méditerranée are coming from vineyards surrounding Châteauneuf du Pape in a 10 km radius, from very qualitative terroirs. This new cuvée “Aroma” was created in 2017 and is offered in screw-cap in order to meet tthe growing demand but also for the pratcical aspect for receptions, bistrots and picnics. The general idea for […]

AOP Ventoux Domaine de Ju red

Julien Cornud the winegrower is also a botanist and loves his terroir. His vineyards are located in Caromb, a small village at the foothill of Mont Ventoux. His vineyard has the particularity to contain pieces of flint and for that reason Julien Cornud used to joke he could make a very nice Sauvignon Blanc like […]

AOP Côtes du Rhône Domaine Vaucroze red

Joël Choveton, an other personnality from the winery, is the second generation of growers from this estate. Domaine Vaucroze belongs to the family Choveton since 1960 and is located on the lieu-dit “Petit Vaucros” in Sorgues, just meters away from the vineyards of Châteauneuf du Pape. This wine is made from old vines of Grenache […]

AOP Côtes du Rhône Biologique Domaine Saint Jacques red

Ce domaine a été crée au XVIème siècle par le Marquis de Causans. Il a appelé ce domaine “St Jacques” en mémoire de son fils qui avait lui aussi le même nom que l’apôtre. Domaine certifié biologique par Ecocert depuis 2012.

AOP Cairanne Mas des Falaises red

Julien Cornud, also winegrower for Domaine de Ju, is a botanist and loves his terroir. Located at the foot of the cliffs overlooking the village of Cairanne, which became a Cru since the 2015 vintage, Mas des Falaises enjoys a privileged environment for growing exceptional vines.

AOP Châteauneuf du Pape Domaine Le Mourre red

Domaine Le Mourre takes its name from the Provençal “Lou Mourre” which means little hill. The vineyard on this promontory has been grown for generations by the family owner of the estate vineyard. This “Mourre” also contains traces of the 1st farmers of Vaucluse area dating from the Neolithic (5000 BC. JC). Indeed, quartzite pebbles […]

AOP Châteauneuf du Pape Domaine Les Escondudes red

The name “Escondudes” comes from the Spanish word “Escondidas” (hidden) in reference to the little hidden valley where the vineyard of Domaine Les Escondudes is situated in Bédarrides and belongs to Cellier des Princes since 2017 after its acquisition as the former owner wanted to retire while he had been bringing its superb production to […]

AOP Rasteau, Domaine des Deux Rivières red

Discover Domaine des Deux Rivières, a brand-new cuvée born in 2023, from a vineyard situated on a hillside in Rasteau, framed by two rivers, the Aygues and the Ouvèze. From the vines of passionate winemaker Julien Cornud, this certified High Environmental Value wine reflects his love and respect for his terroir. Cradled by the legendary […]

AOP Côtes du Rhône Domaine Les Cassanets red

The vineyard belongs to the Bressy family, third generation of growers in this estate. The Domaine Les Cassanets is located in Courthezon just meters aways from the Châteauneuf du Pape vines.