July 11, 2022

Domaine de JU, AOC Ventoux

The strength of Cellier des Princes also lies in the long-standing ties with our winegrowers. We can thus offer you a selection of cuvées in various styles representing our terroirs, our appellations and the meticulous work of our winegrowers.

We thus offer you the Domaine de Ju in AOC Ventoux.
Julien Cornud the winegrower is also a botanist and loves his terroir. His vineyards are located in Caromb, a small village at the foothill of Mont Ventoux. His vineyard has the particularity to contain pieces of flint and for that reason Julien Cornud used to joke he could make a very nice Sauvignon Blanc like in the Loire region.

Gold : Macon & Gilbert et Gaillard contest