• The winegrowers from Cellier des Princes

Our passionate and fascinating winegrowers

Our qualitative grapes : fruit of their work

The winegrowers of the Cellier des Princes continue to defend and illustrate the values of rigour and faithfulness which were those of the Princes of Orange.

Inherited from generation to generation, the vineyard is a precious gift for our winegrowers. In love with their vines and passionates, they cultivate their vineyards with maximum attention, in order to deliver exceptionnal fruits. This dedicated work contributes to the quality of each wine of the Cellier des Princes.

Our own team of agronomists works with our 120 winegrowers throughout the year. Thanks to our very strict selection process, we only use the best crops in order to guarantee quality from entry to top level products.

  • Vineyards and rolled pebbles

The winemaker and his cellar team

A quality in constant progress in the last 10 years...

Young and talented, our winemaker Thierry Ferlay is a very open-minded winemaker, born in Southern Rhône, with international experience, especially in Australia (Rutherglen estate).

Since his arrival more than 10 years ago, the quality has constantly improved and he added to our traditionnal style a modern twist in order to appeal to the largest number, from the millenials to the older wine drinkers.

  • Thierry Ferlay - Cellier des Princes Winemaker
  • The Winemaker and his talented team
  • The Art of blending

Thierry is used to work in closed collaboration with our clients to create the perfect blends in order to meet the specific demand of each market.

Thierry could not achieve such a fantastic work without a talented team, including Nicolas Cabot, David Fabre and Alexandra Bochu. Regarding our quality manager, her name is Marie-Line Berlengue.

  • Grenache, grape of expertise
  • Thierry Ferlay (left) tasting with Philippe Cambie (right)

Experienced and dynamic team

Flexibility, professionalism and end-to-end management

Very flexible structure as we handle the vinification, marketing, sales, bottling of all our wines = better control from the vineyard to the finished wine in bottle and allows us to be very reactive in order to adapt very quickly to the changing demand and emerging trends.

Our young and talented sales/administrative team has special knowledge in wine sales, wine marketing and export. Each member bring its special skills and passion to the team and share the same work ethic.

  • Sales and Administrative team
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