Commitments in sustainable development

Cellier des Princes is commited to the CSR approach (Corporate Social Responsibility) which is based on 5 pillars : Economic Development, Social Equity, Environment Friendliness, Good Governance, and Culture.

For many decades, the winery has been assuring stable income to more than 120 families of winegrowers. Incomes are now even growing thanks to an optimized financial management of the company and an ambitious commercial valuation.

The winery is assuring stable jobs to more than 20 families of employees on its production and commercial site.  More than 43% of the employees have worked at the winery for more than 10 years, 17% for more than 20 years.


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Environmental Approach

The winery is commited to sort its wastes and to use recyclable packaging. The staff is particularly concerned about saving water and effluent limitation.

1 100 M2 of solar panels have been installed on the roof top of Cellier des Princes. They assure a production of more than 200 megawatts hour/year which allow savngs of 142 tons of CO2.

The exposure and a qualified staff allow the company to share, in a lively way, the knowledge around the vineyards.

High Standards

Our vinifications, while beeing tradionnal, use state of the art technology, assuring the greatest respect of our source of raw material and of the hygiene rules.

We have our own bottling line and we control the whole process, from the vineyard to the bottle.

Our system of quality control based on HACCP principles is supported by the certifications BRC and IFS since 2008 at the highest grades in order to comply with our customer needs.


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